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Tax Consultancy

Our Personal Advisory Services department is capacitated and geared towards responding to the growing mobility of individuals that has been a trademark of recent years. With a vast experience in all matters related to personal taxation, Conceito ensures that their clients are accompanied in a personalized manner, and that their income, being Portuguese-sourced or foreign sourced, is treated adequately. In addition to the compliance of declarative obligations, our team ensures tax advice prior to the change of tax residency, by clients that become tax residents in Portugal, as well as those who move in the opposite direction. We also ensure the coordination with Payroll teams, to create efficient and competitive remuneration plans.


Tax Consultancy


Personal Advisory Services (PAS) focuses on providing tax support to individual entities.

In a constantly changing tax environment, it is becoming increasingly important and essential to have a consultant who understands the complexity of these issues and can advise their client in the best possible way. Conceito offers support on all types of tax issues that may apply to individuals.


International Mobility


When transferring tax residence to Portugal, the mere fact of living in the country is not enough to be a tax resident, and it is necessary to ensure that all the requirements and formalities are met. The complexity of the interconnection between different jurisdictions requires the presence of experienced and specialised professionals who can also ensure the tax transition to or from a jurisdiction other than Portugal.
To this end, the PAS department supports clients in this process, providing comprehensive tax advice, ranging from the most technical to the most bureaucratic, such as preparing the necessary documentation.

As a tax resident in Portugal with foreign-source income, questions arise regarding international taxation. For this reason, and because it is often a key issue when it comes to the client's decision to migrate to another country, there is a counselling meeting with PAS, which precedes any process and decision making.

Although migration issues are not currently included in the range of services provided by Conceito, we do provide our clients with support on these types of issues, namely through partnerships with highly specialised entities.
In addition to the above issues, PAS is currently exploring support for the importation of vehicles due to the transition of residence to Portugal. This service consists of supporting and communicating with the Tax Authority in order to request exemption from Vehicle Tax.




The PAS department provides support in filling in the Personal Income Tax return.
The tax return in Portugal must be submitted in agreement and coordination with the tax returns submitted abroad. Thus, and using the Double Taxation Conventions and/or the OECD Model Convention, when declaring income earned abroad and the respective tax paid, it will be possible to deduct this amount from the tax payable in Portugal.

At the same time, PAS is perfectly familiar with all the special regimes that are in force in Portugal at any given time, such as the NHR regime, the return programme or the tax incentive programme for scientific research and innovation.



PAS's support for self-employed individuals starts with an analysis of the activity that the client intends to carry out, in order to assign the most appropriate activity code.

The range of support provided to self-employed individuals includes:

  1. VAT registration, by submitting the client's declaration of beginning of activity;

  2. Compliance with quarterly VAT obligations;

  3. Issuing legally required documents;

  4. Compliance with monthly and quarterly Social Security obligations.


Local Lodging and Rentals


Local Lodging

For clients whose activity as independent worker is that of local accommodation, the support provided by the PAS department will correspond to:

  1. VAT registration, by submitting the client's declaration of beginning of activity;

  2. Compliance with quarterly VAT obligations;

  3. Issuing green receipts for guest stays.

In order to carry out this activity, the client must have a local accommodation licence. This is an issue that Conceito can also help you with.

The PAS department provides rental support services, including registering and terminating rental contracts, issuing rent receipts and any changes to the contract registration.


Tax Litigation


At certain times, or in certain situations, disagreements may arise with the Tax Authority to which the client must respond formally within a period stipulated by the Tax Authority itself.

In order to meet its clients' needs, the PAS department provides tax litigation services, acting as a "bridge" between the taxpayer and the Tax Office. This service may consist, for example, of preparing Complaints and/or Rights of Prior Hearing, to respond to disagreements with the Tax Authority.

Conceito does not practise court litigation. However, an extensive network of partners enables us to provide this type of support, albeit indirectly.


Tax Representation


When moving to Portugal, one of the first steps is to obtain a Portuguese tax number (NIF - Número de Identificação Fiscal).

As a non-resident, in order to apply for a NIF, it is necessary to appoint a tax representative not only for this purpose, but also to act on behalf of the client before the Tax Authority. This is another service provided by Conceito.

If the taxpayer changes their tax address to a foreign country in the future, the need to appoint a tax representative will once again arise, as their NIF cannot be cancelled, and they will once again be a non-resident.

As a tax representative, Conceito establishes communication between the taxpayer and the Tax Authority, managing the notifications sent to the client about the payment of any taxes or obligations to the Tax Office.


Partnerships and Related Services


With regard to tax support for individual entities, Personal Advisory Services aims to meet as many of the client's needs as possible. Our aim is to facilitate and uncomplicate the already complex and bureaucratic process of migration.

To this end, Conceito has developed a considerable number of partnerships to support the already comprehensive range of services we have developed.

We currently have partnerships in the following areas:

  1. Migration services;

  2. Legal services;

  3. Document certification and signature recognition;

  4. Customs services;

  5. Bureaucratic services

In addition to these partnerships, we are also part of HLB's international network, from which we have already obtained numerous references in jurisdictions around the world.

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