Who We Are

 Carlos José and Victor José - Conceito Partners  

Conceito was incorporated in 1982 to provide outsourcing services in accountancy, taxation, human resources, treasury and general management support.

Today we have offices in Lisbon, Mafra (Malveira), Porto and Funchal. We have a team of 300 company employees who are highly qualified, multi-situational specialized professionals ready and equipped to support our clients.




  • We forges and focus on the solid and lasting relationships with our clients and partners, both through experience and rigour as well as by keeping up to date with the latest technological developments in our area of business.

    Recently “We have anticipated the future of accountancy” with DIGIUP, advanced technology which digitises, automates and integrates documents in an innovative documental accounting process, thereby raising the bar of the services provided to our clients.

    Conceito is asserting its position in domestic and international markets. It has always sought to uphold the values of professional credibility and responsibility which are an integral part of their work philosophy and contribute greatly towards solid relationships with its clients.



To surpass the targets already achieved and exceed expectations, by providing clients with excellent service and contributing towards creating added value to their businesses.


To monitor our clients’ success and expand the Concept nationally and internationally, so that by the end of the decade we will be the undisputed leaders of the Portuguese market in the provision of management support services.


Customer-orientationA relationship as partners with mutual trust, constantly seeking to meet their legitimate goals and requests.

Work of the highest quality, in compliance with the principles of professional ethics and conduct, zealously complying with obligations and commitments as well as innovative in the use of techniques and methodologies.

An essential condition, fully and absolutely guaranteed by the architecture of our systems and by the formal and ethical commitment of Conceito's employees.

Ability to adapt to demands thanks to the support of a versatile, multidisciplinary team.




  • At Conceito you can find 300 company employees who are highly qualified, multi-situational professionals with degrees in the fields of Economics, Management, Taxation, Accountancy and Human Resources. 

    Management is carried out and assured by the Board which in turn is supported by Directors responsible for the different operational areas namely, Accountancy and Human Resources, as well as by the departments of Taxation, Invoicing, Sales, IT and DIGIUP.
    Our clients receive customised advice from teams equipped to meet their specific requests. These teams assure the backup of knowledge and specific aspects of each project. They also guarantee that all operations remain confidential and that the best practices as well as the latest technologies are used.




  • Our Social Responsibility is shown by voluntarily integrating social and environmental concerns in daily operations. 

    We respect and deal with everyone, supporting society by sponsoring entrepreneurial initiatives and projects in Portugal. We value and apply environmental policies within our organisation. We also comply with social standards; respect the values and ethical principles of the society of which we are a part of.

    We belong to the iGen since 2018.

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