Conceito established in 2019 the Compliance Department with the purpose to answer to the legislative changes ensuring that their business and that their personal data as well as the integrated management system of quality and information security are in conformity with the law. 


On January 2014, Conceito received the ISO 9001 certification. 

The implementation of a Quality Management System was one of the company’s major challenges achieved with success.
This system combines a strategic vision with an already implemented and developed business practice, is focus on its clients and has as its mains goal to offer a service of excellence and for that counts with the company’s experience, a team of qualified professionals and managers committed with the clients.
This certification covers the following areas: accounting; salary processing, tax and management consultancy; process handling; other services of support to financial/management services.

2013 | Artigo Qualiwork: Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade 

2015|Artigo Qualiwork: Boas Práticas nos Sistemas de Gestão
 Conceito is committed to:
- Offer a personalized service of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), carried out by a specialized team that it is constantly on technical updating;
-Maintain available the necessary resources and establish partnerships (whenever recommended), in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of the clients and of all interested parties;
- Update their team with constant technical knowledge, in order to value and innovate the services provided;
- Answer to client’s specific requests with high technical capacity;
- Develop new services in order to add value to services offered to clients;
- Make sure that their activities are in conformity with all the legal provisions, regulatory standards and relevant legal requirements;
- Respect the NP EN ISO 9001 Standard and continue to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
On December 2019, Conceito received the ISO/IEC 27001 certification
Conceito is the first company in the sector to be certified by the APCER with the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard.
Guided by the International Security Policy Information Standard, the company added value to the services provided to their clients.
The sphere of this certification includes: Human Resources Management and Payroll Services.

Conceitos main objective is to implement and maintain suitable measures (among others, systems, facilities, resources and monitoring) that provide integrity, availability and confidentiality concerning information sources, in order to avoid any possible alterations, destruction, robbery, copies, falsifications and other existing threats, whether they are accidental or not.
Conceito is committed to (Brief on Security Policy Information):
- Ensure that its activities are in accordance with all the legislation provisions and relevant normative principles;
- Comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, follow the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.
The maintenance of an Integrated Management System, with the Standards ISO 9001 e 27001 shall be a new challenge for the future Business Management.

You are able to read all of Conceito’s Security Policy Information 

One of the Conceito’s merit recognition for its technical and operational assistance to the clients, are the awards that we have been achieving over the years, and the establishment of strategic partnerships.


'Cliente Aplauso'
since 2008 a distinction
for the best clients awarded 
by Millennium BCP

PME Líder
Since 2009 (11 years) 

PME Excelência
Since 2010 (6 years)

ISO 9001
Quality system
management certification

ISO/IEC 27001
Security information
management certification


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na Produtividade'


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